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Modibodi is a global category leader in sustainable, leak-proof apparel, which includes underwear, swimwear, activewear, maternity wear and infant nappies, and provides a sustainable way to manage leaks at every stage in life.
Modibodi is a warm, authentic, human brand. We help people with all sorts of leaks get on with their lives. We’re plain speaking and taboo breaking. We’re comfortable in our own skin and not embarrassed to talk about the 4 P’s:
Pee, Periods, Perspiration & Pregnancy.
We like to keep it real. Real people with real stories. We never Photoshop our subjects. We love people in all shapes and sizes. And celebrate our amazing bodies and the way they work even with their occasional leaks. Its all part of life.
People trust our product and love our brand.
Our mission is to reduce the amount of sanitary products that end up in a landfill whilst having our customer confident, comfortable and content in their Modibodi products!

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