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GESKE German Beauty Tech is the first holistic and award-winning innovative beauty brand that debuted in 2022, with the commitment to advance the personal beauty and skincare industries. Combining consumer tech products and dermatologist insights, GESKE German Beauty Tech is reinventing what personal skincare looks like. GESKE German Beauty Tech will become available in 131+ countries with over 250 products, and 150+ specialized proprietary technologies offering professional solutions for holistic at-home skincare sessions to everyone.

GESKE German Beauty Tech has made the largest financial investment ever in revolutionizing beauty technology, investing over 120,000,000 USD in research and development. This includes partnerships with world-class tech/AI developers. During this development, GESKE worked with several clinical experts as well to ensure the correct implementation to create 56,565 training video sessions in 45 languages within the app, giving consumers tangible insight into how to incorporate products and improve skin conditions. The free app scans the skin and then uses an algorithm to review the pixels in the image and analyze the skin based on six skin health criteria: number of impurities, oily skin, fine lines, the intensity of eyebags, dark circles, and texture. Once reviewed, the app delivers personalized skincare routines to the user with recommended devices and sessions to follow – taking the users’ personal preferences into consideration, empowering them by unleashing expert knowledge. The GESKE German Beauty Tech App is free and available for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iPhone and Android respectively.

The GESKE German Beauty Tech app has been awarded with the CES Innovation Award, recognizing its ability to enhance and democratize beauty technology for all beauty consumers, through personalized SmartAppGuided™ skincare.

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