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Recipe for Men

Recipe for men was founded by guys that had a penchant for the ski slopes and an active lifestyle. Jesper Rönnbäck (a former member of the Swedish Olympic Freestyle team), Jesper Matsch, and Mikael Snabb developed their friendship and business partnership through sport during college. Although not a typical topic of conversation, the idea of men’s skincare came up out of necessity. Skiing in most places is usually hard enough with the cold, dry and windy air. The mountain areas of northern Sweden though are only worse as they have some of the harshest climates in the world! Countless hours of skiing and sweating was a skincare disaster – their skin had become severely dehydrated, chapped and lost all elasticity…a recipe for pain and disaster.
Years of discussing the idea finally became a reality. Determined to solve the problem, in 2003, Rönnbäck, Matsch, and Snabb finally quit their full-time jobs to bring Recipe for men to life. What had started as a fun idea was now the journey to create the best skincare for men. The guys had a vision to incorporate what Sweden was known for – its design and beauty. More importantly, they knew that the products had to be truly effective. If there was any chance for the product to succeed, guys needed to see and feel the difference.

The goal became to formulate effective products that had high concentrations of active ingredients, smooth textures, and subtle fragrances. After almost three years of perfecting the recipe, Recipe for men launched in 2004 with its signature red and Scandinavian design that we continue to have today. After receiving great press and several awards, it has become a top men’s brand in Sweden and is now available in over 25 countries.

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